Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Training

I was in Sarasota, FL last week sketching and painting landscapes that are a bit of a change from my local harbors, ocean and mountains.  I went to my first base ball game !  What a change of scenery.  I discovered I loved sketching baseball players in action.

It was a night time game, brights lights, big sky, and fat clouds blew over as a full moon rose. 7 fly balls tried to hit us where we sat behind 3rd base. I almost got hit by one ball but I ducked and my brother in law was happy to catch it.  
It was a Yankees & Orioles game.  This is a one minute sketch of Yankee Nick Johnson #26.
Yankee #2 Derek Jeter paused for 3 seconds for this one.  #13 Alex Rodriguez  on the third baseline & Yankee #29 Francisco Servelli waiting for the pitch. 

Yankee Alex Rodriguez did not hold this pose for me I remembered it. #27 of the Orioles paused before he pitched that ball.

My sketching got so fast and furious that I began to forget to write down their name and team number.

  I loved the Yankee pitcher huddle on the mound my only "large mass" and it lasted for a long time- maybe a whole minute!   

I saw many hand signals and body language that were intriguing...  a special secret baseball code. In the end these guys - the best of them reminded me of ballet dancers and were gorgeous to watch in motion, especially when hitting the ball.     

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