Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pocket Landscapes

One day in the studio in the midst of painting large paintings I paused, grabbed a sheet of gessoed paper off a shelf and rapidly painted a series of tiny paintings.

These are all pretty much the same size 2.25 x 3.75 inches. 
"Salt water & Islands" 
These were all referenced from pen and pencil drawings from my sketchbooks. 
"Lobster boat & skiff" 

I travel to all these great fabulous locations.  
"Pine Island"
I enjoy painting the simple masses and forms...
"Pines & Pink Granite"
to see if they would look like something.
"Tobacco Barns"
It's interesting how a sketch so simple...
"Islands & Peninsulas"
...can create an impression.
"Friendship Lobster Boat"

And these grand vistas look fine...  
"Rocky  Ledges" 

...on these tiny cards, an art collection you can carry in your pocket!
"Clouds over Island"