Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ringling Museum & Mansion

During our trip we visited the the Ringling Museum collection in Sarasota, FL.  It is impressive.   The Ringlings were really into collecting huge major pieces.

This is one of a group of four Rubens that are hung together in one room.

 The Ringling's mansion is a short distance away on the water. I walked over there to sketch.  

The wind coming off the gulf was 25mph that day. The palm trees were feeling it.

Here I am tucked into a corner out of the wind with a new student from Bern, Switzerland (Jon one of my 5 brother-in-laws).   The other nice guy quietly watching us paint is another brother-in-law Tom, our 5 star tour guide. 

The furniture was clustered against the railing to prevent it from blowing away, the umbrellas were tightly closed.

The clouds were tearing through .  Ink & watercolor sketch on  90 lb. sketchbook paper

As you can see no wind touched us where we sat.  It was the only place where we were protected. People were surprised to find us there. They could barely walk the wind was so strong and there was surf on the gulf ! 

Another watercolor sketch of a blowing umbrella on the plaza.  90lb sketchbook paper. 

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