Saturday, November 30, 2013


I had an artist's residency in Ogunquit this summer at the Beachmere Inn on the Marginal Way. It was wonderful. On most sunny or partly sunny days I was over on the beach or the Marginal Way painting. It was great !
Trinity, oil 8x16  Buy here.
I went almost every day to paint on the beach in April. It was often warm and uncrowded. A few walkers and lots of surfers dotted the beach. There is big surf in the spring so boards and wetsuits dotted the waves.
This painting is available at a special price until Monday, December 2nd at my  Online Open Studio.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Early Dusk

In the next few weeks I will share paintings and adventures that I wasn't able to blog about as I was busy out in the field painting - far away from a computer! 
I did take videos of most of these painting trips which I will post. 
Early Dusk, oil, 8x16 Buy Here.
Early Dusk was painted in York Harbor, Maine, on the banks of the York River where it meets the harbor. I set up to paint the sunset light as the glow lit the sky. I wasn't disappointed! Painting available until Monday, Dec 2 at a special price in my
 "Online Open Studio".

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Day for Reflection

After a day of snow and rain we woke up this Thanksgiving morning to a bright, shiny and very quiet day. No cars on the road. How nice! It reminded me of November days when I was a child. The only sound I heard this morning was crows "cawing" out in the fields.

My favorite place in the world is outside in nature. And my favorite activity is painting. So I couldn't be any happier than when I'm combining my favorite place with my favorite activity! Here are a few of my painting adventures from last winter.  

Winter River, February Afternoon, Oil, 16x20,  Buy Here

I painted "Winter River" on a warm February "thaw" day from the bridge on Card Mill Road, in North Berwick, Maine, looking down at the freshly melted river with its little ice islands. It was very warm compared to the two weeks of sub-zero weather in January when this river was a solid piece of ice. 

And Through the Woods, oil, 4.7 x15. Buy Here.
This view of the snow covered, rolling hills in South Berwick with the afternoon sun lighting them up was a fresh air delight. I was toasty warm standing in the sunlight while painting "…And Through the Woods".  

Shadows and Snow, oil, 9x12. Buy Here. 
I loved painting this stream emerging from the woods in the mountains of New Hampshire. I was in North Conway, NH for the day when I noticed this steadily flowing brook near a ski area. It was a perfect spot, the snow wasn't over the tops of my boots and the sun created nice afternoon pattern of light and shadows!     

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Big Thank You !

 Thank you all for supporting me! I am grateful to know you and have such lovely individuals as collectors and friends. I have noticed that you are thoughtful, intelligent and warm hearted. 

"Soaring" oil 10 x 20 Purchase Here.

To show my gratitude I am making a special offer to you. 
I am presenting here a select group of paintings at a nice deep discount (50% off) until midnight on Monday December 2nd. These paintings are unframed. 
If there is a painting you have been interested in, now is the time to bring it home! 

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 I will ship the paintings to you.

"Little Island" oil 4.75 x 15 Purchase here 

Some collectors had regrets this past year because when they finally decided to buy a painting it was already sold. 
If you see one here that speaks to you, please do not hesitate. 
I've had a wonderful year! This is my way to say thanks to all of you. 
Thank you!