Friday, April 16, 2010

On the Gulf of Mexico

When I am in Maine I paint harbors and villages along the Atlantic coast. I decided to spend the day sketching at the bay front park in downtown Sarasota along the gulf coast.  It was gorgeous and a great comfortable temperature.

I sketched a tiki hut restaurant and a few selected boats that were moored at the dock on the point. Watercolor 9x12 on 90 lb water color paper.

I set up under a small tree with a great view of everything. 

 A row boat was sitting at the edge of the small cove in front of me. Ink and watercolor on 90 lb watercolor paper.

I kept moving around the tree to stay in the shade but I didn't have to go to a new location - I could just turn my head and see a new subject to sketch.

Another row boat that sat quietly in the shallows.  There are no waves and little tide on the west coast of Florida. Ink and watercolor on 90 lb watercolor paper

This harbor is full of old hippies living on their sailboats. They moor out in the bay.  Here is a guy who was visiting friends and giving his dog a boat ride.

 I did a sketch of him heading out into the bay to the sailboats . Ink and watercolor on 90 lb on watercolor paper


  1. Beautiful sketches Mary! Looks like a fun day! You look so relaxed sitting under the trees!

  2. Thanks Maree! It was very relaxing and pleasant with a cool breeze blowing off the water. Its just before their hot season starts. Our trip timing was perfect!