Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Castine Plein Air ~ On Maine Summer Day

Castine, Maine is a gorgeous place- an old historic town on the tip of a midcoast Maine peninsula. This past weekend the 2013 Castine Plein Air Festival was held there. 
On Friday painters from all around the US arrived to participate. Saturday morning we woke up to perfect painting weather ! We painted non stop for a whole day. This isn't unusual for me, I often paint for a whole day. The difference on this day was I dropped my framed, finished paintings off to be in a big gala sale!  
I painted 3 paintings in two locations in Castine.  

Sketches of Castine Harbor and Wadsworth Cove.

My first painting on location was on Castine Harbor facing south looking across the bay to Camden.

Castine Harbor, Storm Clearing, oil 8x16

My second painting was on Wadsworth Cove looking west toward Belfast. Maine.

Perfect Summer Day, oil 9x12

My third painting was on the beach at Wadsworth Cove looking northwest at the salt water farm across the cove. 

Wadsworth Cove, Summer Afternoon, oil 8x16

While painting during the day visitors often came to look and ask questions. 

 Here I am painting my second painting while a visiting artist watches my brush strokes closely. 

By the end of the evening I sold all my paintings!  Here is one of my new collectors, Don Tenny, president of the Castine Art Association, the host of the event! What a delight! 

I won First Place for my first painting of the day Castine Harbor, Storm Clearing. What a surprise! 
Castine is one of my new favorite Maine places to paint!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Early Summer Paintings

Summer is here! 

"Heading In" oil on panel 17x48" $3,000

"Working Harbor" oil on panel 9x12" $600

"Ready and Waiting" oil on panel 8x16" $675

Winslow Homer Weather

I have a new series of paintings that I'm working on that I started to call Winslow Homer Weather. 
It happened quite by accident. 
I'm outdoors painting in all kinds of weather conditions. I like the drama of big surf and dark clouds raking across blue sky.  Recently I have have been painting a number of these scenes. We've had an unusual patch of dramatic weather for the last few weeks so I'm taking advantage of it ! 

"Storm Froth", Winslow Homer Weather, Oil on panel, 7x20 $675