Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Froth & Foam & Lots of Rocks

I recently started posting videos of my painting adventures here on my blog. 
The videos are not showing up in peoples emails, then not showing up on smart phones, then finally showing up on peoples computers... 
I'm trying to get the glitches worked out. From now on I will put a link to the video so at least you can sneak a peek at these great places where I paint! 
This was a gorgeous day. The sea was a vivid blue and the the waves were crisp, foamy and bright white. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where The Surfers Go ~ Ogunquit Maine

There are all these little pockets of sandy beaches in an area of the Marginal Way in Ogunquit. They are created by the ocean moving sand from the big dune beach across the Ogunquit River down to the Marginal Way. The sand drifts and piles in spots among the rocks making it look like parts of the California coast.  Big ridges of rock  separate the little beaches so it feels cozy and private. All the surfers come to this area. They launch from this beach and swim over toward the big beach where they line up to catch the incoming waves.

This is one of my favorite painting spots on the marginal Way especially when there are big waves.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Out in the Country ~ Cambridge, Vermont

Wandering in the hills and valleys of northwesternVermont is my idea of a plein air vacation. The land and light are so different from what I see here on the coast. The mountains have this dusky blue hue that reminds me of where I grew up. The clouds are bigger and fluffier inland. And of course the mountains are fabulous. This particular evening we painted in a lovely valley west of Mount Mansfield in Jeffersonville, VT. 

Marcus, Andrew and I were painting when Alan stopped by to invite us to paint at his house the next day

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mount Agamenticus,From the Mountains to the Sea ~ York, Maine

A wind blew from the west all day . Hawks circled in the sky the whole afternoon, they disappeared as the sun set. The crickets sang and the sun was warm. The rock ledges poked through the bushes and grass. This whole mountain is granite. Its a wild and gorgeous place.
I'm thinking about a title for this one.

Walk on the Beach

I'm posting all my videos on to my blog with a little story about each plein air adventure. So here goes! 
I  spent a day painting in Ogunquit, Maine with some painters from Plein Air Painters of Maine. It was sunny and warm on the back side of the dune along the Ogunquit River. I painted the view looking south toward the village then packed up and headed over to the beach side of the dune. It was like day and night! Heavy thick fog was rolling in from the ocean. A chilly wind was picking up. A path of seaweed stretched off into the distance at the high tide mark. It was gorgeous! I set up right out on the beach as the tide rose. The waves rolled in toward me and I painted as fast as I could. The sun was setting, the fog blowing in off the ocean was blocking out all the lingering light.   

The painting title is "A Walk on the Beach".

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thinking about what I paint and why I paint it.

A few thoughts I really have about what and how I paint.
 But I never actually said these words out loud. Till I was telling the visitors at my reception what I was painting and why I was painting outside.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shifting Gears

Its been a busy summer. I stayed close to home and painted in my neighborhood.

It was a good decision for my work. I love Maine and I love the area I live in. There is such a variety of subject matter here or a short drive away.

I spent more time painting than driving to get to where I wanted to paint. My husband suggested that I do this and he was right. I'm loving it.

I paint every day in a beautiful place and go home to sleep in my own bed every night! 

Now the seacoast is quieter after a busy summer. The fall visitors are here and I'm shifting gears and preparing for my fall shows.