Monday, April 19, 2010

Jungle & Creatures of Myakka

We spent a day in Myakka River State Park, 57 square miles of wetlands, woodlands and prairies; a short drive from downtown Sarasota.  On a bright, sunny day it was dark, cool and gloomy in the forest. The wide variety of different landscape was interesting.


Here's Marcus (my husband) as he heads down a trail into the forest.

Here we both are walking on a brighter part of the trail.  Parts of the trail were underwater so we had to walk through rust colored water up to our ankles.  It was cool and refreshing.  

We crossed a walkway in the canopy of the trees that led to a high tower.  This is the view above the forest with the Myakka River in the distance. 

Wild boars were running around in the forest.  

This resident turtle climbed out of the river for a few minutes too look around. 

A bird few up to a tree limb above me as I was painting. A pelican? 

Here I am  comfortably situated with my sketch books and watercolors recording the exotic flora and fauna.

A palm tree growing nearby. Ink & watercolor 90 lb paper.

It was great to find a picnic table in a nice area to use for working.  I was traveling with six guys that day so they just picked it up and moved to a good spot in the shade... 

I painted this tree with Spanish moss dangling from its branches.Marker & watercolor on 90 lb. paper. 

 I didn't notice Marcus taking pictures of me as I was busy sketching while the rest of the gang (7 or 8 people - it varied from day to day ) were off biking on trails in the wilds.

A classic cluster of palms and palmetto. Ink and watercolor on 90 lb. paper

A large tree with spanish moss was growing along the lake front. It was a quiet, pleasant, place to spend the day sketching. 


  1. I really enjoyed this post Mary, watching you sketch and seeing the Park through your eyes. Great sketches!

  2. Maree, Thanks! It was a tropical adventure and very different from Maine!