Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scarborough's Miles of Marshes

I was invited to paint up in the marshes with a great group of painters.  Some of them are out every day painting all over Maine.
We met at the Scarborough Marsh, a truly awesome spot with long flat vistas and acres of broad expanses.   The trail used to be a railroad track. We set out early with all our assorted gear.

Decisions, paint way out or stay nearby ?  The trail through the marsh is now the Eastern Trail so it is used by many and the bicyclists are numerous.  

I like to paint out of the back of my car if at all possible. So when I saw this view not far from the parking lot I was happy.

It was maximum high tide.

The trees were getting that late summer green and some of the grasses were already starting to turn russet.

Like a number of days this summer it was getting hot and the air was still, very unusual for the marshes where the wind almost constantly blows .  I put up my umbrella so I could paint in a bit of shade.

Two other painters were just up the trail from me. 

I started the block in and noticed the tide was beginning to turn. 

More painters arrived and set up. The umbrellas looked great rising above the flat marshes. 

Midway , I'm painting fast and the tide is really going out rapidly.

Groups of bicyclists and walkers go by the entire time we are painting.

I have enough information now to finish the painting. 

The huge expanse of water behind me has dropped so much that all kinds of old docks and structures are exposed. Maybe parts of an old bridge? I'm coming back here again as soon as the weather gets chilly. This location promises nice color in autumn and great winter  scenes.

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