Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Painting in Vermont ~ Day 1

Every AM we check in at the railroad station to tell the organizers where we are painting for the day.

The station is an awesome piece of architecture!

At the station we met Bill Cloutman who was setting up to paint along the street.

Out behind the station along the rail road racks we found Hiu Lai Chong painting away. 

Thirty feet away was painter Jack Hobbs.

As we came round the corner we ran into painter Frank Constantino. Frank is part of the North Bennington team.     

Rain showers were predicted for the day.  Banks of clouds raced across the mountain tops. I went to Taraden to paint.

I set up my easel next to my car with my umbrella so I could paint through the showers.
I blocked in the view before a light rain began to fall.  

What a surprise ! My old friend Stapleton Kearns dropped by at Taraden to paint with Chris Coyne and I for the day.   

This was the view behind us ...a lovely old Vermont dairy barn.

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