Thursday, September 30, 2010

In the Marshes with Acrylics

It was one of those warm, late summer days so we stayed out to paint till dark... 

This marsh is part of the Rachel Carson preserve and its in the flyway, so near sunset all these migrating birds stop for the  night. Flocks of geese settled in all around us.  

Marcus is working hard at learning to paint en plein air with acrylics.

 A family came by on a leisurely walk. They wanted to see the paintings. Marcus whipped out my canvas sheet of small paintings.  He kept saying I'm a beginner.   I told him to stop saying that.   Who cares ? Everyone is a beginner at some point.  He's got guts to just try and get out there and paint !

The wind died down. The mosquitos hadn't found us.  That was nice. 

My sister Ann stopped by and the painting stories and joking started. She was soon off out looking for some lobster for dinner.

I decided I had plenty of light to do another sketch.  Light?!  Who cares about light with acrylics?  I have to paint at break neck speed so the paint doesn't dry !    

The sun was now completely behind the trees.

A family out for a bike ride to the harbor stopped and had a lively bunch of questions about our paintings and how we chose our subjects. 

We had a pile of visitors and It was a good painting session! Marcus is still trying to decide the best way to fold up the french easel. I think I've seen him do it 3 or 4 different ways . Sometimes I think he's doing it just to make me laugh. Its very entertaining having him out painting with me. 

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