Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Painting in Vermont ~ 2nd Day

We had a little sun & lots of clouds on our second day of painting. 

I set up on Main St with a view down the hill toward Mount Anthony.  

There were some nice shadows and light so I blocked it in fast.  It didn't last long then more big clouds rolled in. 

People were dropping by all day to see the painters at work . Jim & Jeannette Gurney were down the street from me at the crossroads in the town center.

When I arrived Jim was painting with a mall stick and a sable brush...this guy is into refined detail ! 

Jeanette was painting in watercolors behind him.  They were both painting the Powers Market.  I loved Jim's "Art Dept" orange cones...   they are so "official looking" they keep the coast clear of parked cars in big cities.   Go Jim!

Here is a close up of Jim's painting.  A real gem. 

The next painting location we headed to was behind Park-McCullough where we found Andrew Orr set up and splashing paint!

I set up down the lane behind him...

...where I could get a view of the barns and meadows... 

...and I drew it in as fast as possible as sunset is early these late summer days.

Finally the sun broke through a short while later and, wow what a difference! 

I'm working fast.

The horses loved having the painters around - these must be some of the most intelligent, gentle horses I've ever met. 

They frolicked in the sun as we all painted like mad!  Day 2 was ending fast! 

Check out James Gurney's blog on his hot reports of North Bennington Plein Air....


  1. Mary,
    This is great fun following your journey...I wish I was there with you and that crew of talented characters. I have crossed paths with several of them and was surprised to see such a collection of artist. Wonderful. I spent a nice evening with a bunch of artist at my moms house that included the company of Frank Constantino a few months ago...and Chris Coyne is a cool dude...and Stape and Gurney, you were in awesome company. Good for you, I'm jealous. Looking forward to painting with you sometime son.
    All the best,

  2. Todd - Thanks - small world - It was cookin & fun. Frank, Chris & Jim are totally great!