Thursday, September 16, 2010

Painting in Vermont ~ 3rd Day

Saturday morning we painted, framed and dropped off paintings for the opening on Saturday night.
Tony Conner was hanging the show with the help of his high school volunteer team.

Jane Ramsey arrived right after I did and pulled out her paintings for us to see. We were all working so hard we hadn't seen anything anyone was painting unless they were near us in the field! 

Tony is giving directions and they are listening.  These guys had to move fast!

Paintings were unpacked, lined up on the tables and Tony would tell the boys exactly where to place them.

They were practically synchronized- it looked like a dance.

Jane wanted our oppinion on which two paintings to enter in the competition. 

Hiu Lai arrived minutes later as Jane's paintings were being hung - no kidding.  Go Tony- what a pro!  

Bob Lowary explained the reason for the color of the antique glass balls on the lighting rods.

Frank Costantino arrived with more painters right behind him. The show was going up fast! 

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