Friday, September 17, 2010

The Quick Draw

Saturday afternoon was the quick draw event on the grounds of  Park McCullough, it was gorgeous, a perfect day.
Jack Haran, John Caggianno and I discuss where we might paint.

We are standing in the rose garden of the estate.  John decided to paint in the garden.  I have to say the painters at this event were really great people...haven't met such a nice group at an event before- really supportive.  

Hui Lai is checking her gear before heading out.

This 1938 Dodge was parked in a great spot. 

The Lions club set up food tents so we wouldn't fade away to nothing as we painted to make the deadline.

Frank Constantino held a quick meeting for the painters in the carriage barn to lay out the rules.  

I choose to paint the 1920 Ford. 

 Visitors came by the entire time we painted.  They loved watching the quick draw. 

Sharon Carson paints the large moose sculpture.

James Gurney paints the 1938 Dodge truck. 

Carlton Manzano focused on the carriage barns. 

Jame Ramsey went out to the edge of the  field to set up her umbrella.  

Tarryl Gabel painted on the edge of the property looking up at the hillside meadow and trees. 

Bill Cloutman painted the roof edges of the mansion. 

Everywhere you looked you saw painters scattered across the landscape.

This estate has its own gas private pump! 

Jack Haran paints the mansion. 

Vcevy Strekalovsky painted the multiple gables of the carriage barns.

Bob & Nan Lowary chatting with and some of their many high school volunteers. They were great! 

I've got the car blocked in...I really like Quick Draws.  I like to paint as fast as possible. 

John is deep into his painting. 

Andrew Orr worked away smiling.  

Chris Coyne studied the edge of the roof he was painting. 

  The finish lines looms!  What is this new habit I have of one hand on my hip while painting? To get it out of the way?  So I won't grab a brush and start in with two hands ? Thank you Marcus for the great pictures !

Quick Draw Winners 
James Gurney (Rhinebeck, NY)
"1938 Dodge"

Vcevy Strekalovsky (Hingham, MA)

Bill Cloutman (Marblehead, MA)
"Park McCullough Carriage Barn"

People's Choice 
Matthew Perry (North Bennington, VT)
'Park McCullough and North Bennington"
Pen & Ink and Watercolor


  1. Hi Mary!

    I like your blog, it is very inspiring. Frank Costantino is an old friend of mine. Please give him my regards when you see him. I have learned something from his YouTube demonstrations. Show us more of your paintings!

    Bill Paarlberg

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Bill! Thank you so much. Frank is a dear! Small world. I'll tell him I know you. ....and I'm showing my paintings on my other new blog, "Paint Eat Sleep" due to requests like yours to see them. I guess I'd better post a link to that on this blog...

  4. Hi, Mary!
    Thank you for posting these great pictures of the Quick Draw event. As we look forward to the next event in September 2011, I have just re-lived a beautiful day filled with fond memories. Hope to see you again in September!

    Nan Lowary (2010 NBPAC Co-director)

  5. Nan, Thank you so much! You were a great hostess and super guide on the awesome horse & wagon tour... never mind all the incredible hard work you did for the whole event. I hope you are enjoying a peaceful winter and I'm looking forward to seeing you in September!