Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring in Cundy's Harbor

Cundy's Harbor is a small harbor a little way down on the peninsula from Brunswick, Maine.   The sun was warm in this spot and we were protected from the breeze off the ocean that was chilly.

I set up on the back lawn of the public library. No leaves on the trees yet so I could see the harbor pretty easily .

This is the view looking south down the length of the peninsula toward the open ocean. A few boats were in the harbor.  There were many empty moorings. I did a quick 20 minute sketch. 

Behind me was a dock that had a stone tank built along side it . I think its for holding lobsters before taking them market. I've never seen one of these before - no one was around to ask.  This harbor is not busy year round. 

 Here I am starting a sketch of a dock on the north side of the harbor.

Here's the sketch on its way to being finished, 8x10 oil on panel.  This was it for the morning location. After this I packed up and headed over to Abner's Point for an afternoon of painting.


  1. I'm from Brunswick, Maine; so I'm loving this blog entry. <3

  2. Thanks! There are I think 3 more about your neighborhood...