Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making Panels for Oil Painting

I have been trying out different materials and seeing what I like. Recently I've been painting on linen panels with an alkyd primer.  I really liked the way the oil paint behaved.  But they are way too expensive for my painting habit so I'm making my own....

I went to a big box store, bought two 4x8 sheets of masonite, and had them cut it in specific sizes.  The guy was great and I came home with a pile ready to paint. We did this project it out side. We?  Marcus (my hubby)  took charge... and wow - two of us did it really fast.

 Marcus is a real professional .  He painted the oil primer on the panels.  Fine with me.  I carried the panels to lay them in the sun to dry. Sherman Williams is 7 miles from my house, they sell the primer .

Here is the drying area.  We had a thunderstorm in the morning so the blue tarp on the wet grass created a nice drying "table." As you can see the sun is moving fast. 

Ok, Here we are getting a little closer to finishing!

Evening is here , all the panels have 2 coats of primer on the front side and tomorrow we put a layer on the back to seal the panel.  Thanks to Stapleton Kearns for sharing his system! 


  1. I am trying to use up all my stretched canvas so that I can try Stapleton's panels! The price of stretched canvas in today's economy (expecially since my husband is out of work) is just too much for me. Looks like you got enough panels to last for quite a while.

  2. I stopped using stretched canvas a long time ago. I learned to stretch canvas in college...But I'm looking forward to the alkyd surface which I like much more than the plastic gesso. Its so cheap to make these panels I was surprised. Thought I had plenty but when looking at the pile when I was finished found it too short..I measure my supply in dozens to see if I have enough for the season...