Saturday, May 15, 2010

Painting on the Run

I paint in oils ...most of the time.  I used to paint in oils all of the time... until that trip when the weather was really, really bad and there was no place to set up out of the wind and rain.

I grabbed my camera took some photos then dug into my “car studio” and pulled out a sketchbook and some watercolor pencils.

 I designed my picture, put in the color notations with the pencils.

 ...and when I got to a nice warm, dry, place I pulled out a brush & water and finished the pictures.  

Wow, I had something and it was my interpretation of that scene ...not a photo. 

Soon it was sketching from a moving car (no I was not driving)and on the terrace of a mansion...

Here we are tucked in a corner with our paints out of the 30 mph winds. See we had it all to ourselves...on a calm day all the tables would be out , the umbrellas unfurled and the place packed with visitors. 

From the edge of a pasture at the William Cullen Bryant homestead...

And... sitting in the stands at a Yankees baseball game ! 

The whole world at any time and any place is now my subject -  !  

I got hooked on sketching and painting in the fast lane.

It has a nice influence on my oils and it is improving my drawing and  “seeing”, which in turn improves my painting.   

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