Friday, November 19, 2010

Vermont Cow Portraits

I parked the car at the edge of the field.  As I began to set up the entire herd ran toward me.  Did my Easy L look and sound like their feed box ?

I'm glad there was a fence and a ditch in between us...

They stayed all lined up in a row looking at me... 

sniffing and snuffling a bit, but not wandering off.

 I started talking to them... 

...telling them to stick around till I finished.

They did pretty well, even with the occasional car passing. 

It was great entertainment for the neighbors and I could barely stop laughing. 

Then of course there was the "great noble one".

Who wanted me to paint him all alone.

He parked himself right in front of me and held the pose.

I worked as fast as I  could. 

The entire herd was young males.  They had these big tufts of spiky hair on their heads. I found out later they are a hardy breed of cattle from Scotland known as Ayrshires. 

Soon they all wandered off. 

And I called it a day.
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