Friday, November 5, 2010

A Quiet Corner of Vermont

  Every fall I go on a painting trip in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts and southern Vermont.  
  Late one afternoon I found myself exploring the countryside north of Bennington.  The rolling hills, open meadows, bits of autumn color and 70 degree temperatures created a mellow mood.  

 While looking for a place to park I spotted a a small, side road with a red covered bridge over a river with the Dutch sounding name "Battenkill". 

A white grange hall was next to the bridge. It looked like a church. The trees on the hill behind it were turning orange.  The setting sun was golden.  It was a perfect Vermont scene. 

A white farm house sat nestled in the valley across from the grange with an artists studio behind it. It seemed familiar.  "That's Norman Rockwell's house!" I said.  I remembered the studio from a picture I'd seen of it in a book.  Sure enough, when I backed up to get a better look there was a sign on the front lawn indicating that Mr. Rockwell had lived and worked there. 
I knew he lived in Vermont but didn't remember the name of the town. This was the first time I'd visited this quiet little corner of the state.  What a surprise and delight! 

Vermont is full of treasures you never know what you'll find here!
Twin Maples Barn, 6x12 watercolor, Rives BFK 
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