Friday, November 12, 2010

Farm Country

 Southern Vermont has small country roads that wind back and forth through meadows and forests along the Vermont /New York border. 

The only way you can tell if you are in a different state is by the surface of the road.  One minute they are paved the next they are dirt.  

One farmhouse was in Vermont, the barn was in New York.

 Burgess Road, just over the border in New York is a great, quiet spot to paint .  Clouds created light and dark patterns all day.
The hedgerow silhouetted against the sky caught my eye.   Hedgerow, 8x10 oil sketch. 

The farm behind me was a gem.

It was high up on a hill with huge open fields, old trees and views of the mountains in every direction.

The owner and his son stopped by to visit me. He invited me to go up to the top of his field and paint the view. It was gorgeous up there.   Silos and Cows, 6x12, watercolor on Rives BFK.

The farm had an old red barn across the road from a new barn with a pair of navy blue silos.  Pastures on both sides of the road had cows wandering across them.

This place was sublime, with a painting each time you turned around.
Burt's Farm, 8x12, watercolor on Rives BFK.
For more Paintings & sketches ~ Paint Eat Sleep  


  1. Lovely farm, very nice paintings you managed on your visit there.

  2. Thank you Capt Elaine! I did a bunch and will post them as I take their pictures...

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