Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the Beach in Ogunquit,Maine

For the past few weeks I've been painting very close to the sand and surf.

Walk on the Beach, Oil  9x12  $750
Ogunquit Beach is a beautiful expanse of sand, surf and sea. I've been setting up to paint as close as possible to the waters edge.  
The ocean is very moody. The weather changes in minutes. Lately its been spectacular, sunny with shocking blue skies, big gray fog banks lurking off shore, frothy foamy surf,  cold ocean winds, empty fog shrouded dunes, the works!  

 Low Tide, Oil 8x16 $800
This beach is very close to my home. Why not paint in my back yard?  You can find me painting in the marshes at any time of the year, but do I walk over the dunes and paint the ocean? When my family visits they all want to walk on the beach. I walk with them but do I paint on the beach? 

Painting on Ogunquit Beach
Now I am painting on the beach in all types of weather and at all times of day. Stay posted, I'll be painting on the beach at least one day a week all summer!

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