Monday, April 1, 2013


 What a difference a year a makes!  Winter 2012 produced very little snow, but this year it was a bumper crop.

Every week another snow storm blew in. I love painting snow, so I was happy! These past few weeks I've been tracking down the last patches of snow before it all melts. 
Strawberry Banke Spring Snow. Acrylic on paper

Every year I know I only have so many weeks to paint the lovely snow. When the days start to get longer in late January the warm sun melts it fast!
Prescott Park Gardens. oil on linen

Quiet cloudy days with moody skies over white snow-covered ground is my favorite  time to paint. No chasing shadows!  
York River First Signs of Spring.oil on board

Last year was exactly the opposite. Just a few inches of snow every now and then. We barely even had a real winter. 
Spring on Piscataqua Ave. Ink & watercolor on paper

The grass turned green and the trees came out early. It went from winter to summer in a few days. We didn't even have a real spring!
Kittery Point Almost Spring. Ink & watercolor on paper

I missed that good old fashioned New England winter. Summer was too early. It was much hotter than usual, even up here in Maine. This year will be a refreshing change!
Boat in Pigeon Cove. Ink & watercolor pencil on paper

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