Friday, December 10, 2010

A Taste of Portsmouth & Sagamore Creek

Sagamore Creek is a great area for painting tidal water, islands, marshes, lobster boats, and historic houses...

Jane & I went for a walk around Creek Farm then headed next door to the Wentworth Cooldige  mansion where we set up... 

The house built in 1696 was the home for the first Royal governor of New Hampshire , Benning Wentworth. Its very odd looking as pieces were added on to the original structure.

The sun was warm... Jane set up on a bench on the lawn...

...with a  big view of the creek looking across to Newcastle.

Portsmouth harbor is tucked around the corner behind a piece of Newcastle that juts out into the creek.

I painted the island behind me...

....and had to set up facing the sun to keep the glare off my painting and palette or else when I get back inside the colors will be wrong...

I didn't notice it but this ship's anchor was huge!  Jane said "Look at the size of that anchor next to you !" I was busy painting (and keeping warm).

Since we had some daylight left we went promptly over to Prescott Park and the Portsmouth docks for another painting session.

There was loads to sketch and paint. The lobster boats were coming in for the day. 

The sun was setting behind the Strawberry Banke neighborhood.

Before it got too dark I started my sketch of the houses back lit by the yellow sky and Jane hurried to finish her sketch of the buildings on Marcy Street.  As the sun went down the temps started to drop really fast. We were happy to call it a day and head home to a nice hot dinner.

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