Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter Painting on the Water

Sometimes when storms are coming there is a relative calm and the wind dies down. Its fairly unusual to not have wind either off shore or on shore along the coast.  Its warmer and easier to paint with out the wind. This day was one of these rare quiet days . I grabbed my paints and headed out in the late afternoon to see what I could find.

The first place I stopped was at the mouth of a small river in Cape Neddick where it opens into a bay . You can see how cold it is, the salt water has ice on it.  But there were too many big snow banks to find a place to park.

I decided to go to York Harbor which is often very windy .   It was peaceful and calm - so rare.  

As you can see I was minutes after new snow. Fresh snow was on everything forming nice patterns and forms. A row of empty docks looked like a little train. 

Way out over the ocean was a band of yellow light where the sky was clear, the heavy bank of clouds hadn't reached it yet. 

I did a quick sketch of that warm light and the river bank before it got too dark. By the time I took this picture the clouds had moved in. It was starting to snow. Have to grab these moments when you have them.


  1. Hi Mary, I do miss seeing the closeup of your sketch. I think the previous ones are awesome, a nice week's worth of work!

  2. Hi Steve, Sorry - I forgot to take a picture of it ! I need to remind myself to do it before I take it off the easel(if there is enough light left). If not, then immediately when I get back and unload them into the studio. I couldn't locate this one easily in my drying racks when I looked for it. I'm painting so many I have to number them to keep track of them. And I'm taking painting have to just do it asap in the future. This is a good reminder for me. I'm unloading some more from my car now from a 2 day trip up to Baily and Orr's Islands.