Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walk on the Beach

I'm posting all my videos on to my blog with a little story about each plein air adventure. So here goes! 
I  spent a day painting in Ogunquit, Maine with some painters from Plein Air Painters of Maine. It was sunny and warm on the back side of the dune along the Ogunquit River. I painted the view looking south toward the village then packed up and headed over to the beach side of the dune. It was like day and night! Heavy thick fog was rolling in from the ocean. A chilly wind was picking up. A path of seaweed stretched off into the distance at the high tide mark. It was gorgeous! I set up right out on the beach as the tide rose. The waves rolled in toward me and I painted as fast as I could. The sun was setting, the fog blowing in off the ocean was blocking out all the lingering light.   

The painting title is "A Walk on the Beach".


  1. Wonderful work in an unpromising atmosphere.

    1. Thank you Yorky! Those kinds of atmosphere are sometimes the best.