Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the State House

The new year started off with a bang ! I installed an exhibit of my paintings in the office of the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives in Augusta.

The Sergeant-at-Arms was assisted by two pages.  They easily managed to have all the paintings moved from my car into the building and put up in an hour. 

Mark Eves, the Speaker of the House, visited my studio a few weeks ago. 

 He loved my paintings and invited me to show them in his office.

 It's a spacious room in a grand old building.

 Everyone was excited to see the paintings.

A curious legislator stopped by to say hello. He lives in one of my favorite painting spots on the seacoast - Friendship, Maine! I even know the exact location of his farm. It's a small world!


  1. Wow!! What a visual treat -- the paintings are stunning! How they must bring a wonderful change of scenery for the Speaker in his office and anyone else stopping by. So excited for you... and what a fabulous opportunity. Yeah Mary!!

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  2. Thanks Jane! I wanted to have something in there that would be refreshing and restful. They have meetings in the office and they all work so hard. He has really long hours so this might make a difference.