Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"The Moods of Nature" in Stowe, Vermont

This weekend I have a show opening at Galleria Fine Arte' in Stowe, Vermont.

I've been working for weeks selecting and finishing paintings for this show. 
Dusk 11x14 oil

I looked through my plein air work and chose ones that fit the theme of the show.
Afterglow 11x14 oil

I added finishing touches to some of them, while others were ready to varnish.
Moonrise 16x8 oil

I wanted to show a variety of seasons and landscapes.
After the Snow 12x16 oil

 I noticed a lot of water images in this group of paintings .
Red Sky 8x16 oil

I painted some of them along the Maine seacoast and others in the mountains of New Hampshire.
Reflection 24x24 oil

One was painted in a meadow very close to where I live.
Winter Walk 12x16 oil

Another on a deep ocean bay just a few towns away.
Safe Haven 28x38 oil 

I also noticed that I really like capturing reflections...and moods. Twilight is becoming a favorite time for me to paint.  
Twilight 11x14 oil

I've never been a big fan of painting buildings. I noticed at night they change into something else. Their boxy shapes merge into the landscape and their lit windows are beacons. Their reflections transport them into another world.
Cabin Glow 8x10 oil

It is this other world that I am interested in.   
Reflection Study 11x14 oil

This desire to paint nocturnes arises from a childhood memory.  I was six years old the first summer I went cat fishing at night.  It was magical being out in a row boat on a pond in the dark. The stars twinkled on the surface of the water.  Farm lights glowed in the distance. It was only when you hooked a fish and hauled it up in the beam of the flashlight did you remember that you were floating on deep water. 
Quiet Cove 8x10 oil

“Day and Night: The Moods of Nature,” a collection of new paintings of peaceful, luminous New England landscapes, by Mary Byrom , opens on Friday, Dec. 9, with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Galleria Fine Arte, 6 Sunset St., Stowe.