Friday, April 15, 2011

Souper Supper in Parsonsfield

 Last week I received an invitation to supper in Parsonsfield, Maine.

Parsonsfield is a pretty town nestled up against the New
Hampshire border in the foot hills of the White Mountains.

The drive north from my house goes through the small towns of Alfred, Waterboro and Limerick...

This was a perfect opportunity to sketch some sequential landscape sketches in the car on the way... no, don't worry I wasn't "driving and sketching"...

I brought my Koi watercolor box and water brush....My sister Marcia drove and I sketched bits of the passing scenery.  What a challenge !

You could tell we had a rough winter.  The pot holes were huge!  We bounced and jolted as we drove along.  Somehow I managed to keep my hand fairly steady and my pencil on the paper.  When we spotted a nice place to pull over along the lake in Waterboro, Maine we stopped and I added some color to the sketches.

While the car was moving I made little color notes with my watercolor pencils. When we stopped it was easy to paint.  I love my watercolor brush!  It is so perfect for these quick sketches.

It is noticeably colder at these little inland lakes. They are still covered in ice and snow with a bit of open water where they are thawing around the edges...  

The ice fishing houses were lined up along the lake front.   I used to wander around every winter looking at houses like these on every lake and pond.  I like the funny, small villages they form magically in the deep of winter...

It is really spring despite the snow and ice.  The sun was warm and I felt like staying for a few hours. 

 All my gear was set up on the tailgate within easy reach.  

Time passed. Soon shadows stretched across the ice.  Suddenly I remembered we needed to get to Parsonsfield for dinner at 6:30pm.  

I packed up, we hopped in the car and headed up to Limerick.

As the road climbed higher into the hills, the snow got deeper. 

When we came to the top of the ridge we looked down on a snow covered lake with the snow capped Presidential Range of the White Mountains in the distance.

It was magnificent ! I sketched and painted as the sun dropped behind the mountains and the air turned chilly. 

It was almost dinner time.  We couldn't linger any longer. We were 2 miles away from Parsonsfield Seminary. 

 The parking lot was packed when we arrived.

The kitchen was a flurry of activity and the aroma of delicious food filled the air. 

Music poured into the hallway from the dining room. On one end of the room was a tiny stage with three musicians singing, strumming, fiddling and bowing away...  

We were guided to the last available seats at a long crowded table. We sat down to baskets of homemade hot biscuits, & cornbread, steaming bowls of clam chowder, corn chowder, chicken soup and chili, green salad, and glasses of punch.  When it was time for dessert trays of gingerbread and molasses and sugar cookies were served with hot coffee.      

 This was the perfect end to a fabulous day.  I love the Friends of "ParSem" !  Now I know why they are so popular. The last time someone served me food like this was when I was little and my mom made it!
Waterboro, Limerick and East Parsonsfield.
1 1/2" x 2" sketches, pencil & watercolor on Rives BFK 

Waterboro and Limerick.
1 1/2" x 2" sketches, pencil & watercolor on Rives BFK 

Waterboro and Waterboro Lake.
1 1/2" x 2" sketches, pencil & watercolor on Rives BFK 

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