Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Painting at Turbats Creek

I went over to Turbats Creek to see what was happening.  I hadn't been there since spring. Its an awesome, quiet spot in Kennebunkport...down the end of a dead end lane.

 The first shack on the corner has a sign for the abc Real Estate Company... which probably never even existed. 

This collection of sweep outs blew off their pilings in a storm.  They had to be dragged back and put on new ones....but .... no plumbing or electricity so its a day cottage.  

Marcus set up to sketch the cluster of houses on the point. 

I saw this skiff up near the pilings at the boat launch.

With nice warm sun pouring over the grasses- it was a sight to see. I did an 8x10 sketch of it.

We stayed till sunset.  When its great weather  you have to grab every minute of it.

The tide is so low here that you can walk out to the nearby islands. You just have to make it a short trip so you get back in time, or time it to stay over night with your gear and sleeping bag and catch the low tide back in the morning.  I've seen those little groups of campers coming home in the morning...the stuff you hear and see while painting.


  1. Very nice painting Mary and great pictures. I really like the picture of the shack at the top. I liked the question that you asked Stape on his blog- I was just about to ask the same question- I don't think his answer satisfied either of us though- did it?

  2. wow..nice post you have...very wonderful painting..and terrific it...keep it up.. based on your art you must have been a very creative person..


  3. Thanks for you kinds words badloi! I'm working away - I don't run out of ideas just time to do them...